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Ryan Pugh This is an absolutely amazing collection of stories. I can't wait for the next installment. Favorite track: Limitless.
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We are incredibly proud of what we have been able to create and share with you through our journey with StillBreather. Let's grow together.

Welcome to "I"


released February 1, 2016

All music written by StillBreather

All music recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brad Davern



all rights reserved


StillBreather Minnesota

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Track Name: Departure Code
Can't you see
This is the comedown


Can't wrap my head around
What once was


Which one of us will keep our

Another flight has landed
Just help leave this planet
I know you can see my dreams
And see if I believe

Turn this page upside down
You'll find
What legend sleeps inside your mind
These fools seem inclined
On bending space and time

Can't you see this is the comedown
Playing make believe with a false crown Bent and deceived
As fast as we rise well be
Cast down

Turn out the lights
Dissolve our lives
Every man for himself
Bring life to the night

And if this is the last time I see light
I'd hope it opens up eyes
And if seeing is believing
At least you know we tried

This place she's called numb
This place is still recovering from...
Goddamn us
Track Name: Senseless
This is a condemnation
Of all of the things you hold so dear
All of the things that cause us pain

This is a recognition of all the hate
You hold
For those who don't deserve it
(It has no place)

I will not accept the things
You tell me I can't change
I wear my heart on my sleeve

Your kind will leave us soon

Your dark vacuum of a mind
Is all consuming
There will be nothing left

Look me in my eyes
And tell me that you believe what you see

There is a void separating us
From the peace that I so dearly need

Your mouth is a black hole
Of emptiness
And all that comes forth
Is senseless

Your hate is not welcome here
Your kind will leave us soon
And you will be forgotten

Look me in my eyes
And tell me that you believe what you see

There is a void separating us
From the peace that I so dearly need
Track Name: Limitless
I won't let go
Of every memory
And all the words you said to me
You said to me on that
Cold autumn morning
I haven't slept in days

The air that surrounds me
It blackens my lungs
And keeps me from breathing
It keeps me from breathing

I can't find
The strength to move
Along in my own life
Moving forward alone
Has been the greatest of hardships

I was left alone to fend for myself
In this ever changing landscape
But I can feel you
I can feel you looking down on me
With pride

But it's been so long since I felt
The warmth of your embrace
Good bye my friend
I know I will see you again

Just carry on
And move along
They say that time heals everything
But they were wrong
Just grab my hand
And pull me out
Oh God don't let me fall again

If you were here with us now
What could you tell me
About the other side?
Could you tell me how to live
A better life?
And help those who are sinking
Just like me?

For all those that have lost their way
To appreciate the beauty of a new day

I just want to live a life that you'd
Be proud of
Without hate
Without anger
Without judgement
Without fear of losing anything

Please help me to be a better man
My humanity won't hold me any longer

I am forever limitless
Track Name: Equanimity
Please cleanse me
Of my humanity

Show me the secret to infinity
All the gifts of life
Before my eyes
I took granted

But never again
No longer the slave
To my fears
Or my faults
I've broken my chains

This is
The end of my fear
The end of my self deprecation
My dreams are in reach
And I will touch the sky

This is equanimity
This is my serenity

I must grow
Into the man I was born to be
And let the wind guide me home

I am what I am
An imperfect man
With blood on my hands
(With blood on his hands)

Dreams are in reach
Give me the courage to take the final step
Into the void
Nothing could have prepared me for
This world

This is serenity

No longer a slave
No longer living in hate